Arrive in 5 minutes to Kilometer Zero at the Puerta del Sol.

Only 10 minutes before you marvel at Las Meninas, once again.

Have a squid sandwich in the Plaza Mayor 5 minutes away.

Visit Lake El Retiro in 15 minutes.

Spend time in front of Puerta de Alcalá in 15 minutes.

13 minutes from embark on a new adventure from Atocha Station.

10 minutes from a Palace, its Gardens and the Cathedral


… in Madrid is the Botín restaurant, certified by the Guinness Book of Records, as the oldest restaurant in the world, dating from 1725? (8 minutes walk)

…on street Cruz, 21 was the Atletico Madrid club founded in 1903? (A stone’s throw away)

… to go » al quinto pino»  would you have to go to Alcalá Street in front of the Army Headquarters and under the shade of this pine the lovers kissed? (A little more than 10 minutes away)

… if you want to win the Big lottery Cristmas, should you buy your ticket in Doña Manolita?
(8 minutes on foot)

… Madrid is the city of love and the Church of San Antón is home to the remains of Valentine’s Day itself?
(15 minutes walk)

… in the Church of San Ginés a crocodile on the walls? (Less than 10 minutes away)

… in Madrid do we have the only statue in the world dedicated to the devil, located in El Retiro Park?
(A 15-minute walk)

… the entrance to the Ratoncito Pérez house is at the El Banco de España metro stop?
(Walking at 12 minutes)

… Madrid is the capital of Europe with the largest number of trees and what is at a higher altitude?

… and you know from Blume Cruz Suite the best way to get anywhere is in the San
Fernando eco-car, a little bit on foot and another walk,..